Sunday, February 22, 2009

Totally Randumb

It's been a slow weekend for blog material. You can all blame Marcy. I took her for her first sushi experience, and it was completely NORMAL. She totally let me down. She didn't use chop stix, unfortunately. She did enjoy the sushi, so that was good. We were getting ready to leave, and she smiled at waived at someone behind me, and I thought she saw someone she knew. Nope. The chef was smiling and waiving excitedly at her. She's a celeb. What can I say?

Even my parents didn't give me any good material. We went out to dinner and then drinks with friends. They're usually good for some embarrassment. (The parents, not Kelley and Bobbi.) They did play pool at TGIFriday's, and the waiter was kind enough to mention it.

What I have been doing is following Twitter all weekend. I'm fascinated by it! I'm following Neil Patrick Harris, Martha Stewart, Britney Spears, and Paula Poundstone, to name a few. (It's not really stalking if they supply the info, right?) NPH was apparently hangin with Phelps. Woke up in a back alley in Shang Hai. Those crazy kids! I can't understand MC Hammer's tweets. Now I'm getting real time Oscar updates thanks to Variety Magazine. I have nine followers, thank you very much. I feel as though Hammer, and Jorge, and Yashar, and Obama and I are finally connecting and sharing on a whole new level...I never knew what I was missing until now. Yes, the president is following ME. I should tell him my ideas on how to solve the AIDS epidemic in Africa. (Whatever Bono says) Now I feel pressure to not only come up with blog material, but news to share on Twitter! Life is rough.

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MJS said...

What, no Oscar's wrap up?

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