Friday, February 6, 2009


I love buddas. All buddas. Every time I see one, I want to buy it. Thank God (or Budda) I don’t buy them all. I hate dusting. I don’t know when or how or why the obsession started. I just don’t want it to end.

There are typically two types of buddas. The fat jolly one, and the serene faced one. I prefer the latter. I wonder if Christian’s used the idea of the fat jolly one as a muse for Santa Claus? I have nothing against fat jolly bald men. I just like serenity. Or the illusion of it, anyhow.

I also love Ganesha, a Hindu God. Ganesha is the remover of obstacles and is very generous. He is symbolized as an elephant. I also really like elephants, for no apparent reason. I once had a Ganesha car air freshener. I thought it would be practical and serve two purposes. #1) keep my car smelling funky fresh #2) remove traffic obstacles from my path. I was living in Chicago at the time, and needed all the divine intervention on traffic I could get. Neither happened. So I added a plastic disco ball to round out the ensemble, just for flair, and because I love shiny.

On the subject of Gods….I was meditating one day, minding my own visions, imagining myself walking down a set of stairs, wondering what I would find, when I was greeted by another Hindu god, Shiva. It was trippy, to say the least. What was she doing here? Why would I conjure up this image of a blue woman with lots of arms? She was very happy to see me, and was clapping two of her hands. Just to round out the ensemble, I imagined Budda and Ganesha there, too. I did research on Shiva, and found out she represents death and destruction. Death of something. Sometimes you have to close a door so another can open. Tear something down so you can rebuild something better. So I knew my roller coaster ride of a relationship with someone special was nearing it’s end. I was sad. I still am. Still waiting for the other door to open. Maybe windows keep opening, but I don’t notice them because I’m too busy tugging at the door knob, with my foot on the jamb?

*this blog was written exactly a month ago. since then, my "hindu god of the week" gadget has had a form of Shiva for 3 weeks in a row. so i figured i should post it already. still fighting with my roller coaster relationship. i'm tired of hurting. i've gotten off the ride mulitiple times, but somehow find myself on it again and again. it's just not worth it. friends don't treat you that way.


Sarah K said...

actually, "buddabuddabudda" was inspired by my niece. when she was...2ish(?) you could ask her where her belly button was, and she'd lift her shirt, pat her belly, and say "budda, budda, budda". way to go, Mary Jane!!

MJS said...

We loved the gigantic laughing budda at a Chinese restaurant in Tucker, GA. The thing was taller than Mark and 5 times as wide. The navel was eye level to a 2 yr old. She'd run up to it and say "budda belly" and rub and pat the golden thing. The little old ladies working the till adored her and would bring her sweets for dessert. Good times. Miss the toddler budda bellies.

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