Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I smell funny

I just had my first real facial at a fancy pants spa. Soooo nice! I recommend it to anyone! Pay extra for a longer one, too. I'm sure it will be worth it.

My mom bought me a package deal at a facial/laser skin clinic for Christmas. We all know my skin has seen better days (pre-puberty), so I was really excited for my first appointment today. Of course my mind is over active, so the whole time I was taking notes for this damn blog. So here's the low-down on my experience:

Drug myself out of bed around 8am, groggy from soaking myself in beer and second hand smoke from last night. (Two things that are bad for the skin. But I wanted to give her more of a challenge.) Stumbled into the mod-ern suite, and practically hugged the girl when she offered me freshly brewed coffee. (Also bad for the skin, those hypocrites.) It smelled delicious in there! Aromatherapy just might catch on....Enya was playing, and the coffee was struggling to keep up. My skin care specialist came out, and gave me soft hand shake. I don't like those, but neccessary to share that tidbit. I went into a darkened room that also smelled great, and had to remove my shirt (Yes, Kelley and Marcy-I was given a towel as a cover-up) and removed my shoes. I laid back on a comfy table, but my head was lower than my legs, so the blood was going to eventually pool into my brain. She put the sheet around me to keep warm, and I internally cursed my choice in the sock with a hole in the big toe area. She started slathering on luscious creams that alternated smelled fruity, and earthy and naturual. It's possible I was getting the left over breakfast from the Country Kitchen from across the street put on my face, but I didn't care. Then she started with the shoulder and back massage. Miss Soft Handshake was such a tease in the lobby! That petite girl has some strength! She used a minty/warming lotion for that. (Tigger loves mint, and is molesting my sweatshirt as I type this.) I was trying to stay relaxed, but it seems like a natural reaction for your muscles to tense as they are being pushed by a stranger. She started kneading my neck, and it wasn't great, but I didn't want to hurt her feelings. She did massage my face, but it wasn't long enough. I could've used a sinus draining massage. Gross, I know.

I know why they do the facial before the skin analysis. You're all blissed out, and can handle seeing your pores and flaws magnified 200% much easier. She took a picture of my skin, and then went over the bumps, flaws, wrinkles, pores, damages, etc. That sucked. But it's easier for them to sell a package of 6 microderm/laser treatments for $700 when they show you the ugly truth, up close and personal. I really did pay attention to everything she said....but I was also paying attention to her face. Her pores weren't so small, even though she had just given herself a peel the day before. Her lips were full, but not too fake looking (injections, I'm sure). But her eyebrows moved, so no Botox recently. When you work in retail, you tend to buy things often. I couldn't imagine working in a spa, or plastic surgery office. I'd have no skin left from the peels, and would always look surprised from Botox and surgeries. Anyway....I only had one little wrinkle by my eye. Yay for small victories. I did want to cry when she told me all the sun damage I was seeing would eventually come to the surface. I'll stock up on the make up. I almost asked her to email me a screen shot of my analysis so I could share it with all of you, but I didn't think she'd understand my "blog research" reasoning.

I went back out to the lobby to reschedule my future appointments, AKA future blog research (wish I could write them off), and a client walked in. There I was, no make up, face red and inflamed, hair possibly gooey from yesterday's oatmeal, feeling exposed. Then another client and her fake skin doctor came out and stood behind me, and then another client, a man (!) came in. OOOhh...that was uncomfortable. I was supposed to get a complimentary "Mineral Glo Make Up Touch Up" as a part of the package, but I didn't. I would like to suggest they do that in the skin analyisis/crying room. I was going to ask for it, but I all I really wanted to do was go home and shower again. My face feels thick from the Early Bird special, and I smell like the Ben-Gay wearing patrons from the Country Kitchen.

One of my future appointments was to be either lash tinting, or trial laser hair removal. I opted for the lash tinting. I thought I'd get more out of that than a tease of hair removal. I'd just want my uni-brow zapped, anyway. I figured I'll be investing a lot in the microderm/peels over the next few months, and didn't need to get sucked into hair removal. Even though "Fun with lasers" would've been an interesting blog.

re juv skin & laser clinic 701-356-skin Tell them I sent you... or call a Cosmetology school and get a cheap facial. I know I will!


Brenda said...

Hey Sarah! Yea, you are no longer a facial virgin! I have had several and they are wonderful! I am due for another, so you have reminded me to set up my appointment!


MJS said...

Throw out your holey socks. Seriously. You are all grown up now. You deserve facials and socks that keep your toes comfy warm.

Bilby P. Dalgyte said...

Men can look pretty too you know. I for one have my toenails painted metallic green and purple :P (I feel preeettyyy...)

Anyhoo, have fun blog researching in the future!

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