Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bodice Buster

OOOhhh....I'm going to get SOOOO much crap for sharing this....but I do it all for good blog material! (At least that's what I tell Marcy. We're hanging out on Valentine's Day, so stay tuned for that blog...hehehe....)

I was cyberstalking Suburban Kamikaze's blog, and she was talking about some goofy romance novel about her and Mr. Suburban Kamikaze. So clicked on the link, and ooohh...guess what IIII fooouuund?? (that's sing-song, ok??) I, well, anyone, can make themselves a character in their own romance novel!! Which sounds cheesy at first, but then...I found Vampire Kisses! If you know me well, (or have walked past my padded cell-cubicle-at work) you know I have developed a crush on Edward Cullen. Yes, the hunky, brooding vampire from Twilight. I've only seen the movie twice, but that's because the DVD will be out in a month, and I can wait for that. But I am a part of a cult at work. I even bought someone a $10 magazine all about Twilight. (I'll take that off my HuHot tab, by the way) But I'm getting random.

So Vampire Kisses is a romance novel that I can customize with my own name, and Edward's of course, and my BFF (let the bidding start now), and even my pet!! Gatsby was so made to be a heroine in a romance novel. There are 26 characteristics to personalize it with to make it truly unique and sentimental! And I get to personalize the cover, "which will make it look stunning on a book shelf or coffee table." Or on the floor next to my bed with the other trashy bodice buster romance novels. Because as they say on the website "Why read between the lines when you can read between the sheets?" And I think I have the perfect book cover......


b said...

pick me - pick me!!!

MJS said...

Oh. Em. Gee.

I didn't realize it was a real book. I thought it was like a funny online Mad Lib kind of thing.

1) Some people have too much time & money to waste.

2) I wish I'd thought of this little enterprise.

jillers said...


Guess being 10 or so hours from you really DOES affect how much i know about your life!! :)

I still havent seen twilight, so i can only imagine...but i guess i think Edward looks a little creepy to me...remember edward scissorhands?

A Fuss said...

This is awesome. I instantly thought -- Oooh, I should get one for myself. Except mine wouldn't be Vampire Kisses, because I just really don't get that obsession.

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