Saturday, February 21, 2009

Enquiring Minds

I don't get it. I finally Googled Twitter, and figured out what it was. So I joined tonight. I do it all for blog research, people! I don't get it! I guess I've been "assigned" to follow MC Hammer, NY Times, and some chick named Justine, just to name a few. Just so you know, Justine is having some bittersweet feelings about eating a delicious cheeseburger, and Hammer was in a plane three hours ago, and was looking forward to "Nap Time". Whaaa?? It's like an endless stream of facebook updates. Of people I don't know! I scraped my email address book. Besides Bobbi, my peeps ain't on there. (She likes to network.)

MySpace, facebook, twitter, etc etc. Phone calls, email and texting wasn't good enough? Now we need to be adverts and publish our lives on the internet? I'm no better. I freakin blog, people. The thing is, no one cares that it's 1:40AM, I'm drinking beer, watching "The Dark Knight" and planning on eating a bowl of all natural cinnamon crunchy cereal when I feel this blog is complete.

Heath Ledger is unbelievably good in the movie, I must say.

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