Thursday, February 26, 2009

Is it just me?

I don't get most people's blogs. I try to read them, I really do. They bore me quickly. I then skim down further to see if the blogs get any better. Usually they don't. I often worry that I bore my blog followers. This one is starting to drone already, and I'm writing it!

I tried reading Queen Martha Stewart's blog. They read like a history lesson on whatever the hell she's blogging about. I imagine some slave of her's Googling info, emailing it to her, she cuts and pastes, adds her own flourish (the first and last sentences) and viola! Instant blog!

Martha gave a run down on one of her fave seafood joints and went into crabs or whatever (I quit reading when the Google regurgitation started). Oh, yeah, Martha? Well, Marcy and I had our own little seafood adventure. She tried sushi for the first time, and I didn't even tell her the orange stuff on the sushi was masago: fish eggs!! (This is a test, to see if she actually finds this blog and reads it.)

Of course I read my friend's blogs, and the food blogs are great. (Pictures to hold my interest) If only everyone could put something shiny in the paragraphs every so often, I'd be more likely to read them.


A Fuss said...

Yeah, I only go in for blogs of people I know. You know that Martha doesn't write any of that! She totally has people who do the whole thing for her -- I picture them going, "How do we strike the Martha tone? Oh yeah! Make it more boring!" But no worries, your blog is awesome. Keep it up!!

The Courteous Chihuahua said...

You know what bugs me about other people's blogs? When they live in another country and insist on writing them in their native language. God, that pisses me off!! Is it too much to ask they I be able to read them?

Anonymous said...

I ate FISH EGGS????

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