Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Soul City

I was looking at A Fuss's (Alex) facebook wall, and it showed that she had taken a "Soul City" quiz. A quiz to find out where you were meant to live. OOOOhhh...exciting! I always wonder where I'd feel most at home. So I took the quiz. And here is my result: Amsterdam!? My first thought was: "Isn't pot legal there?" You can smoke it, not buy it? Or something.....Here's the quiz result: Anything goes! Your laid back and cool dude attitude goes well with the free spirited capital of the Netherlands. You have a hidden, risqué side that unsurfaces when the mood takes you. (when i'm drunk) A cheeky glint in your eye, a certain sex appeal that is extremely captivating. (oh, go on!) You very much believe in working to live, not living to work, (selling my crafts) so I don't expect to see you in the boardroom with Sir Alan on The Apprentice (uh...Donald Trump)- rather sitting outside a nice bar or cafe watching the world go by...(I do that from my padded cell without a

So true! Especially the last line. I was on my honeymoon in St. Maarten (or St. Thomas, I forget. It was really the divorce cruise, so forgive me), at the highest peak of the island, sipping an overpriced drink, thinking "If I were 25, I would ditch it all, and move here." It still seems like a good idea. But it gets harder and harder to pick up and leave as I get older.

The bulk of the facebook quizzes are written by non-Americans. That's ok. It gives an interesting twist. Except for the grammatical and spelling errors. Those bother me. I shouldn't judge!!

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A Fuss said...

Sorry I didn't tag you on that one! My city came up as Munich which is just stupid because I don't like Germanic cities.

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