Saturday, January 31, 2009

Meeting Minutes

I'm pleased to announce that the New Kids on the Block Concert Committee had a very productive meeting today!! But first, I need to give some background. Then, I can share the exciting news.

Last summer, someone mentioned the New Kids were getting back together. Then it was mentioned how the concert would be fun. Albeit shyly. The idea snowballed. One by one, we came out of our boy band closets and admitted we'd like to go to the concert. October seemed like a year away, but we made the commitment. We started to get together after work to hash out the details over drinks. I dubbed these sessions "concert committee meetings".
After the concert, the committee got together for lunch one payday weekend at a steakhouse to drool over slabs of hunky beef. Both bovine and human. Kelley doled out the copies of pics from the concert and we tittered and giggled all over again and relived the details.

Early this month, Cori suggested that the committee should meet up again at our favorite steakhouse, on the 31st (we got paid). Something magical happened. Fate happened. The planets aligned, and the heavens parted and angels sang. NKOTB announced it's 3rd leg of their tour!! The murmurings began, rumors spread, and hopes were lifted. After numerous emails and IM's, the committee unanimously agreed! We are all going to Winnipeg, Candada on April 9th to see them again! And this time nose bleed tickets are NOT an option! I think it's fate that the tickets went on sale the same day as our meeting. The boy band Gods wanted this to happen.
You can't really call us fanatical for seeing them twice. It's a different year, and a different country, so it's totally justified and not crazy at all.

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I am way super super your blog by the way!!! Bobby

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