Friday, January 16, 2009


I don't know a lot about computers. Very little. Your mom knows more than I do. So when I had to strip my laptop to factory settings and start fresh, it turned into a meltdown. I'm still in meltdown mode. I've had a rough night. Had a long day, and dealt with a man who apparently is having a PMS episode.

The other morning, I couldn't use my mouse pad on my laptop. I called the Ex, and he suggested support tech. Support tech determined it was not a part that needed to be replaced, so it must be a virus, and let's erase everything on my laptop and get it back to factory settings. OH, HAPPY DAY. Not an issue for someone who can reset everything. I am stupid about these things. The Ex bought the laptop, set up the laptop, and then mailed the laptop to me. All I had to do was turn it on, and start surfing. I lost all my pics, and documents that were saved. I also had all my future blogs saved. I thought I was lucky that I had saved the blogs on the website. Mixed blessing. I posted the Phat Ass blog, but it posted as the day it was written, not the day it was posted. And I've fucked around with the Adobe reader for a long time. So I can't read my fortune on my fortune cookie gadget or play Scrabble on facebook. After pushing numerous keys, shaking laptop, and swearing, I thought I had finally downloaded it. Nope. Guess not. I'm livid. Oh, and so I tried to cut and paste the Phat Ass text into says Word is not working, and I should click the button, diagnose the problem, and close. Nothing happens when I do that, other than closing the window. I DON'T KNOW WHAT I'M DOING. I hate this. If I call the Ex, I'll just end up yelling at him.

My apartment is about 80 degrees, or warmer, so I'm hot and bothered in a bad way. I have radiators, and am on the second floor. If this were Chicago, I'd be freezing to death. I decided to crack a bottle of the infamous Wine of the Month, and saw that the cork was almost pushed all the way out. I guess that bottle froze. If I was a true wine snob, I would not drink it. It's not tasting horrible, so I'm drinking it anyway. Alcohol and heat could be part of my anger issues.

I realize this is not a funny blog, but it is a bitching blog. If you know me well, you know you get the sweet with the sour, and the funny with the dour. I will do nothing about the man with PMS. I did nothing wrong. I will try to stay strong and accept the fact that you can't always help the way people interpret what you say or how you act. I'm not responsible for his perceptions this time, and I will not explain myself and try to make him feel better.

"And I know it aches, and how your heart breaks
You can only take so much
Walk on
You've got to leave it behind"


A Fuss said...

Sounds like you need to listen to U2 so you can have a good cry. I've been in your position soooo many times as I seem to short out computers just by touching them (remember Julie with the CD players? that's me with computers). So then we bought a Mac -- highly recommend it for your next computer.

A Fuss said...

Oh and the word verification thing I just got for posting that comment was "Refoxing" I think that comment refers to your Phat Ass blog.

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