Thursday, January 22, 2009


I don't like to categorize myself. Not that I'm trying to be all "Indie" and cool. I'm just equal opportunity. If someone were to ask what my style of dress was, or what music I listen to, or what food I like to eat, the answer is always the same: "A little of everything". Not even sure what group of friends in High School I belonged to. I'm afraid to ask at the next reunion.

I went to the BlogHer website the other morning, just to see what the fuss was about, and started to wonder what category this blog would fall under. (Sarahism: for the longest time, due to the color and font of BlogHer, I thought it was "Blocher". Made nooo sense. I feel somewhat better now that I know the real word.) I clicked on the drop down menu, and read the categories of blogs. I started to get "worried". There were so many that my blogs fall under. There was one easy one that I could cross off the list quickly, however. News and Politics is not my schtick. I tuned in to the inaguration just in the nick of time to see the big guy get sentanced. Just like American Idol. I tune in at the last minute to see the winner. BeautyHack: future blog about my hair experiments. Business and Career: I do have a lot of crafts waiting to be sold and complained about. Entertainment and Culture: Moi. Food and Drink: Wine, wine, a dry roast. Health and Wellness: See "Phat Ass" blog. Mommy and Life: Cats. Money and Personal Finance: I get paid, I spend it. Sex and Relationships: Love to complain about the absence and the dyfunction. Technology and Internet: Again, dysfunctional. See "&^%$##@#!!" blog.

There is one topic that I fall under if I were to pick from their list. "Life". Because "Random" isn't available.

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