Sunday, January 18, 2009

How to waste a Sunday

Step 1: Sleep in until after 11am. (This step is necessary if you went to a party the night before, and then stayed up until 2:30am playing on
Step 2: Take roast out of freezer. You will need to run hot water on it to remove the pad thingy. Place roast in crockpot. Don't worry if roast doesn't fit. Shove the lid on top anyway. VERY IMPORTANT: TELL CAT TO STAY AWAY FROM ROAST. You may need to occasionally yell things like "What are you doing in there?! Here, kitty, kitty!"
Step 3: Play Mini-golf on facebook, curse Alex for introducing it to you, yell at laptop to scare cats and neighbors, keep playing so you win money to buy pink golf clubs for $500. Repeat Step 3 as needed.
Step 4: Call numerous stores looking for Wii Fit for mother, call mother back repeatedly, tell her all the stores are out of Wii Fit, and she should've called around before leaving the house, and freak out on her.
Step 5: After an hour of playing Mini-golf, multiple phone calls, trying to email a friend in between phone calls, and fighting cat off lap, check roast.
Step 6: TURN ON CROCKPOT. (%$#@*^!!!!)
Step 7: Do steps 1-6 to avoid mountain of laundry(and vacuuming, apparently).
Step 8: Blog about it.


A Fuss said...

And you are welcome.

Sarah K said...

The roast was dry. Tigger didn't mind. I did as much laundry that $2 would buy me. Still in my pj's. I love Sundays.

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