Monday, January 26, 2009

Ben & Jerry Defense

Tonight I went to the store to buy ice cream. I was going to go to DQ, but it was f-f-f-f-reeeezing out, and I thought I should go straight home. The call of the craving was too strong, so I stopped at the store. I grabbed Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Brownie Fudge, and decided to check out the other options. I found Peanut Butter Cup Brownie in another brand. I grabbed that. I started to reach for the B&J's to put it back....and then a little voice inside said, "Nah...keep both!" do I justify this???

1) PMS is coming
2) Blog research. I need to try both and write reviews and judge them

The cats were all over me when I cracked the B&J's. I about had A Fuss sized hissy fit when they were closing in on me. (sorry, inside joke) Don't mess with a girl and her ice cream!


A Fuss said...

Hahha! Nice! So wait, your DQ is open in ND? Our DQ close between November and March 1.

Sarah K said...

the smaller ones close. we have 3 big ones that you can sit inside and eat that stay open. i thought that was just a North Dakota, Minnesota thing!!

MJS said...

The perks of big city life. Your DQ stays open even when it's too d@mn cold to eat DQ.

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