Wednesday, March 11, 2009


DISCLAIMER: This blog is merely a 33 year old's observation, and not to be confused with an actual review.

I won tickets to RAIN, a Beatles tribute band, from work. I asked my mom to go, and we had a pretty good time. Here are some observations from the show:

  • The audience was mostly 50+. They were pretty low key. This could be due to a number of reasons.....Age. Scandanavians are pretty reserved. We were all tired from digging out from under yesterday's blizzard. The show was scheduled for yesterday, and the poor bastards had to stay in miserable lock down Fargo for an extra night for tonight's show.
  • They sang and played the instruments live. Complete with British accents, mop top wigs, and costume changes to go along with the progressive eras.
  • "Rain" is the B-side to the single "Paperback Writer".
  • They did not sing the theme song to the show "Life Goes On". Yeah, remember Corky? I love that song.
  • When they sang "When I'm 64" (or whatever it's called) I turned to my mom and said, "He turned 64, this year, or last...?" She kept saying "Sixty....Sixty". She thought I was referring to her soon to be age. She's apparently going deaf in her old age.
  • There were screens on either side of the stage, and one on stage. They played vintage footage of the Beatles, and scenes from the era. The screaming, fainting girls reminded me of the New Kids on the Block concert we went to in September. After that concert, I said, "OK, now I understand Beatle Mania". That's why we're going again in April. (squeal)
  • They were good, but no NKOTB. I didn't lose my voice after this concert.
  • When it seemed like the show was nearly over, they walked off the stage, the lights were dim, and people were clapping and yelling. The old woman next to me started stomping her foot. Before I knew it, people all around us were stomping their feet, wanting more.
  • Alcohol was only $5.
  • Tshirts were $30.
  • Fake John Lennon sang "Imagine". It was a great moment. The old lady next to me pulled out her cellphone and was waving it in the air. The new millennium's version of holding up a lighter.
  • I nearly peed my pants at the NKOTB concert, as well as this one. This time it was due to too much beer and waiting for intermission.
  • The old lady next mom.
I do love the music of the Beatles. I took a few things away from the show: There were lots of teenagers there, and I realized their music transcends time and speaks to all generations. You can want to be loved, but it might be better to want someone to love. I get by with a little help from my friends. And all we're saying?...yeah...give peace a chance. Oh, and my mom may be nearly 60, but she can still rock. Unfortunately.


MJS said...

ob-la-di ob-la-da life goes on, la la la la life goes on

Thanks I'll have that in my head for a week now.

Sarah K said...

mom called it "om ah di, om ah dah" but i think that's a sanskrit chant. or something. she had a few drinks in her.

b said...

Interesting... When you said you were going to see Rain, I assumed it was the Chinese Justin Timberlake... LOL Maybe I should ask questions now and then :-)

The Courteous Chihuahua said...

What a coinky-dink. Just last night I could hear John listening to the Beatles in another room and asked what he was watching. He said it was a tribute band called Rain. They sounded pretty good to me. No offense, but 45 years from now there will still be Beatles tribute bands, but I don't think we'll be able to say the same for NKOTB.

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