Saturday, March 28, 2009


Who else has 8 inches of snow on top of a flood? NORTH DAKOTA. Because what doesn't kill us makes us go insane, slowly. Here are some things I've learned while sandbagging (3 million bags in 7 days) to save the world:

  • Sand is a great exfoliator. Just not for the inside of your nose, mouth or eyes
  • Sand dust and diesel fumes can make you giddy if you inhale them long enough. But so can a hot NYC man from the Wall Street when he interviews you. (Blogger note: no matter what the disaster is, you should always look your best. The national news always shows up. The day you wear a hat and look like shit is the day you are on camera)
  • Speaking of hot...The National Guard boys and the Fargo Fire Dept. boys were a nice diversion. Mother: "You should go talk to him. Or him. Me: "Umm....I think they have other priorities right now." Mother: "Now is the perfect time! This is your in! You have something to talk about!" (I need a flood as a conversation starter? I don't think she reads my blog)
  • Midwesterners are very concerned about feeding you. I think I gained five pounds from all the free food at the dome. Shoveling sand and lugging sandbags for five days did nothing to help me lose weight
  • I have no patience for stupid people. Nicole: "I wonder where (in the dome) Sarah is?" Bobby: "I don't know...just listen for her yelling at sandbaggers."
  • Midwesterners are very concerned about feeding you. "The Red Cross announced they have the situation under control, and do not need any donations." Some guy called the local AM radio station to tell us he had 1,5000 sandwiches made and needed someone to come pick them up. LOL
  • Every sandbag I filled or threw at some stupid giggly college girl who's make up was perfect, made me feel as though I was helping prevent someone's home from flooding
  • Every sandbag I tied, I thought, "What if this is the bag that leaks and floods someone's home?"
  • We're all in this together. (But if someone comes to sandbag your home, get your ass out there and offer them food, a bathroom, heat, gratitude, etc. Don't stand around and watch)
  • Style and disasters are cyclical. All week I wore my souvenir t-shirt from the flood of '97. "Fargo: Where the beach comes in a bag!"
  • My family and I are supposed to go to Orlando in June. I hope I don't have a "flood of memories" while at the beach

There is a street and the river behind that dike. The water came about 12 inches from the sidewalk about a block to the right from here, where a bridge to Minnesota starts, that I drove on, and took pictures, while research is dangerous, people!

I think the green galoshes gave me more street cred. And what post is complete without Gatsby?

It was just announced at 7PM that sandbagging will resume tomorrow at the dome, at 8AM. Shoulders all over the area just dropped, and sighs and groans could be heard in Canada. We filled 3/4 of the Fargo Dome with pallets. It was like an ant farm in there. We're so tired. But there will be free food....


Bobby said...

Bravo, bravo I say!!! Totally forgot about the "yelling Sarah" comment until I read the blog, that was so least I didn't say " Look for a cute college girl running away crying due to someone yelling at her" I definately think that a good ole fashioned "surived the flood" party should be done...maybe we could rent a party bus???

Nicole said...

I also believe that with flood comes a flood of guilt. Not helping enough, not being at work enough, eating too much Salvation Army food, not interviewing properly for the WSJ hot man, wishing that it would just warm up already and melt this freaking snow (but thats the worst thing for this flood) and feeling really guilty that my stupid unimportant apartment is not at risk while people's homes that cost a fortune along with the items in it are being lost to the flood. Feeling guilty for being a Rubbernecker and not getting caught and then wishing I would've taken more picutres. Sigh...I think I need a drink.

A Fuss said...

You're in my thoughts!

MJS said...

That's us, killin' 'em with kindness, hotdish, and bars.

The Courteous Chihuahua said...

I'm so glad you posted - I was genuinely worried about you.

You should probably know that you won't get interviewed by the national news guy unless you're looking particularly crappy. That's how they like to convey to human suffering. ;-)

Queen Bee said...

I realize that this is a big deal and a dangerous...but it still sounds like a good time.

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