Sunday, June 14, 2009

Flea Bags

my cats think everything in my hands is potentially delicious

I love going out with Marcy. She's a celebrity. So often people say hi to her, and after they walk away, I ask, "Who was that?" She usually answers, "I have no idea." It happened twice this weekend. The first time, Marcy asked the girl how she knew her. They had worked together, apparently. That wasn't the first time she ran into an old coworker she had blocked out. We were having ice cream one night, and this woman was almost heart broken that Marcy didn't remember ever working with her. Even though they sat a few desks away from each other. She needs to start scrapbooking these people, and write down their annoying qualities so she can look back and remember them the next time they say hi to her.

Anyway.....we went to the flea market today. The most beautiful day ever! Mother Nature has been a total beotch lately, but she finally took a Pamprin and gave us some perfect weather. I love looking at all the pretty things, and being spiteful because I wish I had the time, energy, and money to keep up my crafting. I would love to sell my wares, but I don't have any motivation. I'm considering an Etsy shop. But my crafts are another blog, for another time...Here are the two items I picked up today (sunburn and headache not pictured).

This is a little glass that reminds me of an ice cream parfait glass, nested inside a rusty spring. $6 I love all things rusty. MOM: "Why can't you ever buy anything new?" I just love distressed. I identify with it. The vase will sit on my desk at work, to help me forget I'm in hell.

No idea what this was from or for. There were four of them, and this is the only one that wasn't soiled. I think maybe they were to be pockets on an apron. I also collect aprons, but held back today. I don't wear them. I just like the idea of them. I think I'll sew this onto a flour sack towel. $1


The Courteous Chihuahua said...

The vase? Freakin' adorable.

The face on the apron pocket girl? Disturbing in an "I'm going to stuff you into the garbage disposal" kind of way.

MJS said...

Yes, but her pumps are adorable.

Marcy said...

No comment about the NKOTB meeting yesterday that took over 2 hours--not from us but the wonderful service that was received?? ;)

A Fuss said...

I'm just imagining Marcy's future scrapbook of coworkers. What a great conversation starter for her coffeetable!

Start an Etsy shop! It's perfect for you.

Bilby P. Dalgyte said...

Apron looks odd. Not bizarre just odd. Well I guess everyone needs a hobby... I liked the vase thingy.

Too many people come up to me and say hi. I don't recognise half of them but they all know who I am... oh yes... they ALL know... somehow.

jillers said...

Dare i ask what an Etsy shop is?

I will also add that since my wonderful friend deserted me in chicago um i mean moved back to Fargo, my heart is filled with longing to craft, HOWEVER i no longer have all that crap sitting around in my house. Why is it it seems like such a brilliant idea when you are at the store shelling money out for the supplies, and yet nothing ever gets finished???

Things that make you go Hhhhmmmmm....

♥ Braja said... I know you?

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