Monday, June 8, 2009

Almost Famous

I have no idea why people want to get mentioned in my blogs. Don't they read all the Marcy posts? I don't hold back, people. I do tell them they need to embarrass themselves in order to be written about. What I don't tell them is it's still not a guarantee. Muwahahaha!

Had a busy four days. Baby bro had his 18th birthday on Friday, graduated high school on Saturday, and our sister came up from IL with her kids, so we spent some quality family time together (eating naughty food). Isn't that a sweet pic of Jordan and Brenda aka I wanna be mentioned in your blog? Notice how Jordan is too preoccupied with looking at herself in the camera screen, and not into the lens. Dork.

I'm off work Monday and Tuesday, and so far it's been quite lovely. Except the part where my bro and sis were calling me and stalking me because they wanted me to bring them Mt Dew, this morning. I'm thinking an intervention is in order. Mom cleaned out boxes from the rafters of the garage for about four hours, and tried to pawn stuff off on my sister, the victim, who also expected to be blogged about. MOM: "These are your baby clothes! Don't you want them?" MJ: "They all have garage sale stickers on them! Apparently you didn't want them, either!" I guess we bond differently than normal families.

I'll leave you with a parting shot of our poor brother's birthday/graduation cakewreck my sister and I designed. All we had was pink frosting. That just added to the wreck mystique, though.


beachmom said...

love the cake ... one of these days I will post a picture of our 6 year old's 'cupcake cake' ... it wasn't pretty, but he was so proud of me for trying! He told everyone at his party ... "look at what my mom did, it isn't pretty but she did her best"
Enjoy your day off!

Brenda said...

Yea I made the blog and even a photo!!! Wow, I'm a supastar!!!

Cousin B

The Courteous Chihuahua said...

People are always asking me, "Is this going to be on your blog?" One of my friends was actually offended that there was no post after I attended her bonfire. Hey, everyone left with their eyebrows and dignity, what was there to talk about?

As for the cake, I'd hit it.

MJS said...

1) Featured child cannot help that she is gorgeous.

2) I may have forgotten to mention that I was already OD'd on allergy meds to deal w/ the decades of dust thus caffeine or a trip to the ER for adrenaline were my only viable options to prevent a full blown asthma attack. I put my life on the line for my siblings...4 fewer hours of work when it's time to dispose of the estate.

3) We should have misspelled "congratulations" or "graduate" to achieve true wrecky status. At least there were multiple exclamation points.

Bilby P. Dalgyte said...

No one ever asks if I'm going to be mentioned in their blog... I don't think anyone cares. No one really reads any of the 3 I have except a few people (you're one of those few! Yay!) Although my ex gf has a habit of mentioning me in nearly all of her blogs which is interesting.

Anyhoo, I don't think that cake is wrecky enough. You need to at least add in a random plastic action figure for no adequate reason or have a grammatical error. My favourites are ones that try to say too much in too little space so they suddenly get very compacted.

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