Sunday, July 26, 2009

Things I learned

while schlepping pizza to "a bazillion" Boy Scouts and their parents and siblings at a mini-baseball daycamp with the FM RedHawks and then watching a free baseball game:

1) It hurts to turn down last minute tickets to see Dave Matthews Band
2) Boys under the age of 10 can be quite rambunctious
3) The choice between cheese or pepperoni can be quite difficult
4) Some Boy Scouts have really hot dads
5) Schlepping pizza and checking out hot dads and trying to figure out if they are married are hard to do at the same time
6) 250 people can walk past my stepdad in the pizza line and not tell him his fly is open
7) If a dad comes through the line, and he looks like Richie Sambora from Bon Jovi, chances are he's not really Richie.
8) I am a pizza line nazi, as well as a sandbagging nazi "KEEP IT MOVING, PEOPLE"

9) Having your mother stand on the 3rd baseline dugout and guessing 3 ringtones at the top of the 5th inning in front of 4,059 fans can be somewhat embarrassing (she got 3 out of 3 with some help from a spectator, and we were sitting behind the 1st baseline dugout)
10) Having your mother tell you that you can drink at the game, but you have to take your shirt off can be unsettling, also (boyscout shirt)
11) PBR is actually really good beer. Especially when it's on special for $2 for a 16oz can
11) PBR is actually really good beer for pairing with an over priced caramel apple
12) PBR is actually really good beer for giving you gas
13) Semi-pro baseball players are hot
14) Seeing the bat boy for the opposing team pose for a picture for his proud dad, and waving to his family in the stands who drove 10 hours to see him in action is really sweet
15) The bat boy for the opposing team ran like a girl


Ice Queen said...

Hot dads? Maybe I need to get involved with the boy scouts.

A guy I was dating worked for a minor league baseball team and we used to always try to get tickets to see them play. It was enjoyable.

The Courteous Chihuahua said...

2. Not to mention rude and smelly.
6. Oh, that's a tough call. Not sure if I could do it.
7. Did you ask?
9. Did she win something?
11. Just reading that gives me a tummy ache.
13. Duh!!
14. Aw...
15. ...and there it is.

My word verification is plerp, which is what my stomach did when I read #11.

The Courteous Chihuahua said...

Oh, I completely forgot to say: LOVE the pizza eating chihuahua!

Sarah K said...

CC- she won a $30 gift card to her cell phone provider. nice coincidence. i think the richie look alike was a close cousin of his. glad you like the chihuahua! i love your new photo, as always. (i always have to sound it out when i spell it. chee-who-ah-who-ah. kinda like al pacino in scent of a woman. hoo-wah!)

IQ- semi-pro games are a lot more fun than pro games! they don't dick around. on the field, anyway.

Bilby P. Dalgyte said...

Boys over 10 can get even more rambunctious ;) Hehehe

...I wish I could think of something to say other than "Hope you had a nice time" after that but I don't... and considering the joke I'm not sure I want to say that :P

Mmm pizza.

Nicole said...

LMAO - i think if there are in fact hot dads there...well ms. sarah...we best be buying some tickets to see the Redhawks!

Leslie The Pirate said...

PBR is some good shit. Sounds like a fun day.

JennyMac said...

Love this post. Very fun and funny. And turning down tickets for DMB is tough. Sorry!

Elise said...

Very funny - well done !

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