Sunday, July 5, 2009

Randumb Outtakes

What a busy holiday weekend I had.

Put away some laundry. (The shirt says "I live in Fargo. Really")

Laundry makes me tired, so I had to take a nap ASAP when it was all over.

Met the most high maintenance customer at Pier 1. (Her photographer was also very bossy)

Then I took another nap. That's a good way to spend a Sunday.


marcy said...

I don't remember seeing either Gatsby or Tigger at Pier 1...hmm..

The Courteous Chihuahua said...

Poor Marcy. She must really need those shirts hemmed for free. Why else would she put up with such abuse.

Bilby P. Dalgyte said...

Nice cat :)

MJS said...

Is that my dresser?

Alix said...

Lovely. At least you have help with your laundry.

Leslie The Pirate said...

The cat would kick Pier 1 girl's arse.

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