Thursday, April 30, 2009


I really have nothing to say. Just feel as though I need to end the month with a blog. It seems that a lot of people are in a weird funk. Co-workers, facebook friends, bloggie friends. Not sure about my family. My sister keeps trying to get a hold of me (baby bro is graduating in June!), and I haven't been in the mood to talk. I have about 25 voicemails on my cellphone. I don't listen to messages. Most people who call me know this. But there are some die hards out there.

I've gone to the gym twice this week. I realized the guilt of not going was worse than the actual work out. Tonight I tried to read a magazine while on the treadmill. It isn't easy to jog and read. It isn't easy to jog. The worst part? The reading voice in my head was all out of breath!

I'm reading 2 self help books. One has short daily entries of things to ponder, broken down into 52 weeks. I'm using the receipt as a bookmark, so maybe I can look back in a year and see if I learned anything, or if the receipt is stuck between pages 12-13. I'm just looking for some focus.

I'd really like it if the Ex-Mr. Sarah K would send the papers that say I can legally change my last name...or get married again. You never know...Speaking of the ex and my last name...he messed up our taxes for the second year in a row. He put my legal last name down wrong. I specifically did not want to change my last name when we married. He pouted, I hyphenated. So the fact that he can't put my correct, legal last name down just irritates me. It's just one last thing to let go of, to be finally back to being me. Singular. Break ups suck.

Yesterday was the 9th anniversary of my cousin's death by motorcycle. He was 29. That sucked.

I'm writing this blog to avoid doing dishes.

I told my friend that I would think about joining Roller Derby. I hope she was too sauced to remember me saying that. I don't care if they train you. I'm delicate. But knocking down chicks after a long work week? Could be theraputic.

Went to a Mary Kay party last night. A co-worker started schlepping it, so we did the nice thing and supported her. Six bottles of cheap, sweet "wines" and 4 hours of laughing non-stop later, I gave her too much of my money. I better be pretty, dammit.

One last thought to leave you with: I got a lovely note from one of my oldest friends today. "Thanks for being you, even when I'm not being me." I know what that's like. Been there....I have my own zip code and everything.


A Fuss said...

Don't do Derby! I know a couple of people who have and it takes over your life. It's like a cult.

Bilby P. Dalgyte said...

Well the first thing to do in this situation would be to offer you an enormously long distance virtual internet hug. Or I could magically stretch my arms over the sea and hope I touch someone who needs a hug and not someone who is very easily violated and likes to break arms.

Ah yes, the blogging for the sake of blogging... We've all been there. In time you can get over this and heal and you'll be back to blogging because you think it's worthwhile.

Anyhoo... lots of things suck. Death, Break ups, vacuums, small children who have just got a lolly... our lungs (it's how we breathe... by sucking air through our face holes)

I had to comfort a friend thinking about suicide last night. My method involved talking about clown costumes and orphans... hmm. Anyhoo...

Violence against women Australia says no. Good thing you're not here. Woo for violence! Therapy is fun! :D

The Courteous Chihuahua said...

I haven't posted anything for awhile as I'm in a funk myself. I, too, have gone to the gym twice this week, but don't read self-help books. If I weren't worried about falling and breaking a bone, I'd be all over that roller derby shiz. Cheer up - better days are coming.

Sass said...

Just stopping by to say thanks for following...

And I'm so glad I did! ;)

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