Saturday, April 18, 2009

Letters from the Front: Friday

You all love Marcy, right? I'm with her all weekend at her LPA district conference, in another armpit town, Clear Lake, IA. (Iowa is boring, dude.) I was too tired to blog last night (her driving wears me out, and it was about 6 hours of it), so I'm writing now while she's at her meeting. Learning about....stuff. And planning where next fall's meeting will be.

Marcy was very excited about this conference. I called her yesterday morning to tell her I was leaving work and would be at her apartment soon. "OK, I'm in my car in the parking lot, waiting." Um..ok....let's hope I hit all green lights...

I start loading my stuff into her trunk, and see about 5 stuffed animals in there. (I'd insert the pic here, but my camera is officially MIA. Karma's a beotch) ME: "What are these?" MARCY: "Thooose aaare....stuffed animals." ME: "Yes.....but why are they in your TRUNK?" MARCY: "I can't bear to part with them, but I don't want them in my apartment." ME: "OOOOhhh...we've just found blog material #1!! PHOTO OPP!!" (and that's where it all gets hazy. not sure where I put the camera after I took my exploitation opportunity)

The drive down was OK. She has a tendency to look at me while I'm talking to her, while she's driving. I have a tendency to look at the road while she's looking at me. And then I freak out when the car veers to the left. It's always to the left. *shudder*

We met up with the other district members for dinner. I was surprised to see the variety of people here. Children, adults, lots of different types of dwarfism. I guess I thought they'd all look like Marcy, and her friend Anthony.

Anthony offended me within 10 seconds of meeting him. ANTHONY: "You're from FARGO?" ME: "Yes." ANTHONY: "You SOUND like you're from Fargo!" ME: (what the..??) ANTHONY: "Were you in the movie?" ME: "Yes, I had a bit part." (Why I didn't come back with "Do you know the Roloffs from TLC's Little People, Big World??" Little People loooove it when you ask them that question. *sarcism*)

Anthony told us about his mission trip to Haiti. He totally lit up while talking about the good they did for the community, building a church, impromptu services, etc. He said the people practice Catholicism , Voo Doo, and Witchcraft. I didn't know if it was acceptable to ask a hard core Christian about Voo Doo and Witchcraft, but I really really wanted to!! "Like with chickens, and stuff??"

And that brings us to this morning. Marcy is notorious for sleeping until noon on the weekends, so I was planning on waking her up for her morning meeting. At some point, her sleepy breathing stopped, and the room was really quiet. She actually got up on her own, and I was happy I didn't have to poke the bear. MARCY: "Yeah, I've been awake for awhile." ME: "Well, I figured when I didn't hear you breathing, you were either dead or awake." MARCY: "Thanks a lot!! That's going on my facebook...."


Marcy said...

It's soo nice to be traveling w/a friend who cares about you enough not to check and see if you're dead or alive!!! Oh wait, she did say she was going to give it some time and then check on me.....That would've help how?????? ;)

(The weekend is only halfway through....)

The Courteous Chihuahua said...

With friends like Sarah K....fill in the blanks.

JK, homey! Seriously, I would love to go on an adventure with you two.

MJS said...

Kids are addicted to Wheel of Fortune (I had no idea Pat & Vanna were still alive) and a little person was on a couple weeks ago. Mark thought it was one of those partners/couples shows because his friend was with him...but everyone else was alone. He just kept talking about how odd it was that they had one team of 2 and the others were single players.

I finally stopped doing whatever, looked at the TV to see what Mark was going on about and said, "Do you think maybe his friend's there to spin the wheel for him?" We try not to let him out of the lab too often.

Glad BOTH you girls are still alive.

Bilby P. Dalgyte said...

lol. Yes, you're from Fargo... like the movie :P If you just never go anywhere people will never ask you tht... unles theyre very dumb tourists. "So you're from that place that we're in right now! Like the movie!" Hahaha the nightmare shall never ever end... because it's not on facebook.

Marcy sounds like a friend of mine... only less violent. (Or are you jsut afraid fo telling us about the TRUE nature of Marcy? It's OK I know you're scared but if you just tell someone they'll make sure she can't beat u anymore... and so you'll never be beaten into submission and go on long car rides that hug the left again... unless ypu drive with me. I like the left :) It's my friend.)

The Courteous Chihuahua said...

Hey, Sarah...

I tagged you on my blog. Check it out:

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