Sunday, December 27, 2009

Crackhead in the Kitchen

For easy, comfort food recipes, please visit Angel in the Kitchen. For randumb recipes made in a messy kitchen the size of a matchbox, please read on.

Due to high levels of caffeine this snowy morning, I decided to cook "real" food. As with all momentous occasions in my life, I decided to blog about it. Here is my recipe for "Grown up Grilled Cheese":

You will need:

Leftover Bruschetta from another wild hair moment
Frenchish type bread or something
Sharp chedder cheese leftover from a cheese/summer sausage/cracker platter
Pepper Jack cheese leftover from above mentioned platter
Bacon would be really really good to, but I didn't have any
Crappy blizzard like weather

The mall opened at 11AM, and in this town that means the weather wasn't totally life threatening. Marcy and I tied rope around our waists and tethered ourselves to my Escape in case we couldn't find the door.

Butter up your bread, layer cheese to your liking, top it with the Bruschetta, and fry to a golden brown.

Fake spray butter and leftover wine optional*

The Bruschetta was something I had been craving for a couple of days, so I whipped that up last night. I used ripe Roma tomatoes, but I think Grape tomatoes might have tasted better. Whichever you choose, don't use tomatoes that are too soft. The texture of a firm tomato is much better.

Some chopped tomatoes
Some light olive oil
Some balsamic vinegar
Some garlic
Some basil

Let it sit a while to let the flavors mingle. I fried the French bread in some olive oil. I got the craving for Bruschetta after watching the movie "Julia and Julie". As with all trips to the grocery store, don't watch that movie on an empty stomach. I refuse to read the book. The weight gain would depend on how long it would take me to read it.


Nicole said...

I loved Julie and Julia! LOL
I almost died laughing with the vision of you and Marcy ...ropes tied to your waists tethering your way to the mall. I myself would've preferred going to D's...but hey...thats just me LOL

*Lissa* said...

This weather can suck it. We finally made it home today!

Bilby P. Dalgyte said...

That actually looks tasty :)

MJS said...

The problem w/ growing up in Fargo is that you think going to the mall is the normal response to a NWS blizzard warning.

Do you think you can make that in an electric sandwich maker? Because I happen to have a spare one... (I am NEVER listening to Mom again!)

Anonymous said...
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